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February 16, 2016
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Will Dental Implants Help Me? What you need to know about the benefits of dental implants.

When your teeth are missing or removed, it’s difficult to decide how you want to replace them. You can choose bridgework, or a removable option like a partial or denture. But now there is another choice--dental implants, the modern, more permanent solution to complete your dental implantssmile. Implants are an investment, so you need to seek out the best care available with Dr. Cecilia LaRoche, in Hollis, NY, your neighborhood dentist and implant expert.

Your Hollis dentist wants you to know about all the ways dental implants are superior when compared to bridges or removable appliances. Dental implants are:

  • Stable--they are fixed in place unlike partials and dentures
  • Convenient--you don’t have to take them out to clean them
  • Beautiful--you will be more confident about the way you look
  • Conservative--you don’t need preparation of your other teeth, unlike bridges
  • Natural--they look just like your other teeth

A major benefit of dental implants is that they help you retain the dense bone of your jaw, which gives you a firm jawline and makes you look younger. The pressure of partials and dentures resting on your jaw can actually cause you to lose bone, which can cause sagging in your face and make you look older.

Dental implant parts are made of titanium, a uniquely biocompatible material that will fuse with the bone in your jaw. The result is a permanent, natural looking addition to your mouth. Dental implants also have a success rate of over 95%, which is the highest of any surgical implant.

If you care for your dental implants properly, they can last a lifetime, and you are worth the investment. Dental implants will provide you with a beautiful new smile and enhance your life. Stop in and visit Dr. Cecilia LaRoche, your neighborhood dentist in Hollis, NY and discover the many benefits of dental implants. Don’t wait, call today!


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