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February 09, 2015
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One of the most common misconceptions that patients visiting Cecilia N. LaRoche, DDS at LaRoche Dental have about root canals is that they cause pain. Whether this misconception comes from rumors they've heard or experiences they've had at another Hollis dentist, no one knows. Thankfully, this misconception is just that: a misconception. The truth is that root canals don't cause pain;Root Canal they treat it.

Decades ago, before dentists had the knowledge and technology that dentists have today, root canals likely were invasive and painful. Today, however, that is simply not the case. Dr. LaRoche offers a number of pain management techniques to her patients in Hollis that make getting a root canal no more painful than having a cavity filled. Many of Dr. LaRoche's patients are quite surprised at how non-threatening and painless the procedure actually is.

Plus, when you visit a Hollis dentist for a root canal, chances are that you are in pain already, even before the procedure begins. The reasons you are having the root canal are to clean out your tooth root, restore your dental health and to relieve your pain. A root canal effectively completes all three of these objectives and more. Come in to LaRoche Dental in pain; leave feeling much better.

Of course, it is normal to experience a degree of numbness or soreness after the procedure. The dentist will be removing any infected or decayed tooth root. Severe and lasting pain simply are not common, however.

If your Hollis dentist has advised that you likely need a root canal, don't worry. They aren't nearly as scary or painful as they are made out to be. In fact, lying back in the dentist chair and taking a break from the rest of the busy world can even be quite relaxing! Don't put off a necessary dental procedure over a misconception that simply isn't true. Get your mouth the treatment it deserves. Call your Hollis dentist, Dr. LaRoche at LaRoche Dental, today.


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